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The March SSL Nations Ranking is out, and the big winners are the French, rising up four places up to second.

SSL Nations Ranking - March 2023 Top 3
SSL Nations Ranking – March 2023 Top 3

Their top helms are Tokyo 2020 Olympic medallist 470 sailor Camille Lecointre and ILCA 7 World Champion Jean-Baptiste Bernaz who are 16th and 23rd respectively in the SSL Global Skipper Ranking, but it is the fantastic performances of the young French Nacra 15 stars which have underpinned their nation’s rise up the ranking.

The French also rank highly in the SSL Global Crew Ranking, with Tokyo 2020 Olympic medallist Aloise Retornaz the top ranked French sailor in 15th.

Les Bleus rise has displaced the Spanish into third in the SSL Nations Ranking, while Great Britain retain the top spot. Italy drop two places to 5th, while the U.S.A. stay in 4th overall.

The SSL Nations Ranking is calculated by adding the top five ranked Skippers and top two ranked Crew from each Nation in the SSL Global Ranking, to give a points total. The lower the total, the higher your Nation is ranked.

SSL Nations Ranking - March 2023 Top 56
SSL Nations Ranking – March 2023 Top 56