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The SSL Gold Cup, the Football World Cup… in Sailing, will be now be accessible on Twitch from Tuesday, July 12th, to become one the first Sailing events to be present on the fastest growing live broadcast and gaming platform. So far the SSL Gold Cup was broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook as well as being related on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

The SSL Gold Cup Qualifying Series Final and 5th Round will be held on July 14th to July 17th in Lake Neuchatel, Grandson (Switzerland). Final Series are programmed in Bahrain from October 29th until November 20th.

Although Sailing is said to be a sport performed without an audience cheering for their countries representatives, SSL is striving for giving that opportunity to the viewers. That’s why the Media Team constantly works on gathering footage and broadcasting the event from the very beginning. SSL Gold Cup provides viewers from all around the world with live tracking and several cameras’ footage as well as commentaries throughout the races which makes watching not only enjoyable and interesting as well as serving the educational purpose promoting Sailing.

As for the commentaries, SSL Communication Team aims to clearly explain what is currently going on in the sailing area and tries to logically interpret numerous maneuvers so that even not experienced sailors can follow the races. So as to make everything clear and understandable, 3D simulations equipped with the live measurements and current results are displayed on the screen from time to time.

Twitch ranks 4th social (after Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as the most commonly used social media platform among video gamers in the US. That will give SSL the opportunity to launch two e-Game versions of the competition: the e-SSL Gold Cup and the e-SSL Team Race League.

SSL X Play e-Sailing

The company ‘Play eSailing’ is creating a whole new Sailing experience through the whole year. We challenge the sailors to compete with their nations even in the off season. With our growing community and audience of Sailing & e-Sailing we are making the world of Sailing accessible and fun for everybody.

With SSL’s & Play eSailing’s virtual collaboration we will bring the new generation of sailing games to sailors, sailing fans and gamers worldwide. The aim is to create an online sailing universe where people can challenge each other with the strategic mind game of sailing and racing with various boat classes. Making an easy understanding of sailing, where you meet top sailors and esailors, and most importantly having fun with friends while doing it – that is the key to our success. That is why we created the eSSL, which can be played on multiple devices. eSSL is the future league structure in eSailing, where nations, esport organizations, sailors and gamers meet in prestigeous and high level competitions.

e-SSL GOLD CUP:  the virtual SSL Gold Cup

The virtual World Cup was invented for nations with a Top sailor as the Team Captain. SSL strives to achieve the competition where Sailing meets eSailing under the rules and conditions of the virtual World.

One captain with 4 team members will represent their nation and fight for qualifying to the Grand final and the e-SSL Gold Cup title in December 2022. Team Selection here is very unique as SSL chooses 4 Team members from the Global Ranking list among e-Sailors and Sailors.

Three races with 4 Nations per race. Following the SSL Gold Cup Point System: 1st – 8 points, 2nd – 7 points, 3rd – 6 points

e-SSL TEAM RACE LEAGUE: a virtual Sailing League all along the year

E-sport meets Sailing and invites sailors, Sailing fans and players worldwide for a competition where everybody fights for their team or e-Sport Organization. A competition that follows the classic e-Sport structures and teams are formed across borders in the online universe.

5 players pr. team with mixed nationalities will race for the victory. Both competitions are going to have a LIVE final where the trams will meet face to face.