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Sailing has entered the exciting world of sticker albums! Just like in football, where you can collect your favourite stars from club and national teams, Panini Digital Collections allows you to find and collect the sailing superstars at the SSL Gold Cup.

Panini published its first Football FIFA World Cup™ sticker album for the FIFA World Cup 1970™. Since then, collecting and trading stickers and cards has become part of the World Cup experience, especially for the younger generation.

The SSL Gold Cup – the football world cup in sailing – has now collaborated with Panini to produce its own edition, inspiring the next generation of sport fans and sailors.

Getting started is easy

To begin your collection, first download the Panini Digital Collections mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play, or go to Then to create a Panini account, simply sign up using your social media accounts or email address.

Once you’ve completed your registration, you can tap on any of the available collections to join. You will then be good to go and ready to start collecting free packs to stick into your own virtual album.

Build your virtual sticker collection

All the SSL teams and sailors are available, with free virtual cards when you sign up on the app. Every 24 hours, a new free pack of cards will become available, so make sure to unlock them each day! Use ‘Swap Market’ to trade your stickers with players around the world to grow your collection even more quickly.

What’s more, there will be special giveaways on the SSL Gold Cup commentary, on social media channels, and on our website. Simply scan the unique QR codes or type in a code in the Panini app to unlock even more cards.

First see if you can collect an entire team… then chase the ultimate goal of collecting every sailor at the SSL Gold Cup!

To get you started, here’s your first QR code for 5 free extra packs!

SSL Gold Cup Panini Digital Collections
SSL Gold Cup Panini Digital Collections